Fire Fighting Course

Fire Prevention and fighting course outline

This Fire Prevention and fighting course is recognised in Malta and run by alpha briggs. The course runs for 6 hours 45 minutes. In this fire prevention and fighting course you will cover

Competence 1: Minimise the risk of fire

  • Concept and application of the fire triangle to fire and explosion
  • Types and sources of ignition
  • Flammable materials commonly found on board
  • Need for constant vigilance
  • Fire hazards

Competence 2
Maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency situations involving fires

  • Organisation of shipboard fire fighting
  • Fire spread in different parts of a ship
  • Fire and smoke detection measures on ships and automatic alarm systems

Competence 3: Fight and extinguish fires

  • Selection of fire-fighting appliances and equipment
  • Precautions for and use of fixed installations
  • Use of breathing apparatus for fighting fires
  • Use of breathing apparatus for effecting rescues

This Fire Fighting course hasa a short assessment at the end and certificate is valid for 5 years

Training Location: KW 14 Corradino Industrial Estate Paola PLA3000

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