A course designed for those with some practical yachting experience. It provides information on navigation (both traditional and electronic), good seamanship, meteorology and basic tidal matters are also included. An ideal course to take in conjunction with the practical Day Skipper course.


5 days (40hrs)  plus examination time. This can be spread over various manageable sessions or a more intensive 2 day and a 3 day weekend.

Previous Knowledge required:

Some practical experience is desirable but not essential.

Course Overview:

This course deals with basic seamanship and introduces you to navigation and meteorology. What do all those pretty coloured things in the water mean? Who is the stand-on vessel and who must I avoid? Are those clouds going to bring bad weather? How do I find my way safely home? And most importantly what safety equipment should I carry and how does it work?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered. You will also experience traditional navigational techniques and play around with modern electronic chart plotters. So many interesting subjects and all knowledge that the skipper of a yacht on just short day passages needs to know.

The theory examinations are conducted by your Instructor who will have ensured that you have fully understood all subjects covered prior to taking it.

Certificate Awarded:

Day Skipper Shorebased Theory Certificate.

Whats included:

Tuition, Shorebased couse pack. G15 logbook

You have to provide your own Portland plotter, Dividers, Pencils and Erases, or you can buy them from the school.