Coastal Skipper  / Yachtmaster Theory

A way to build on your existing knowledge of offshore and coastal navigation, pilotage, meteorology and seamanship. A must for the budding Yachtmaster.


40 hours plus examination time. This can be spread over various manageable sessions or a more intensive 2 day and 3 day weekend.

Previous Knowledge required:

Day Skipper Shorebased Theory course and practical experience.

Course Overview:

This course follows neatly on from the elementary course. Some of the subjects are the same but covered in much more depth. Some time is spent covering the mysteries of tides and tidal streams, knowledge of which is required for the Yachtmaster Offshore practical examination , even if carried out in non-tidal waters.

Again we have modern electronic chartplotters to play with, but what happens if this system fails or the power goes off. So the traditional methods must be understood, especially if you find yourself out of sight of land.

The course is a must if you are planning much longer and difficult passages by day or night.

Certificate Awarded:

Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased Theory Certificate.

What’s included:

Tuition, Shorebased couse pack. G15 logbook

You have to provide your own Portland plotter, dividers, pencils and erasers.

Next Step:

Lots of practical experience and miles in order to consider taking the practical Yachtmaster examination.